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Kanbo Sucralose
Sweet Delicious Tasty and So Much More! Put the Kanbo Sucralose Advantage to Work for You.

Exclusive Kanbo Sucralose Supplier/Distributor Of India

Facts About Sucralose

  • Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Best Applicable in Food & Beverages and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Sucralose is the only sweetener which is strong and good in taste as compare to Aspartame, Saccharin and etc.

About Us

We are the exclusive Kanbo Sucralose Supplier and Distributor of India. Since our foundation, it has been our ongoing goal to provide both superior service and the highest quality ingredients to the food, pharma and animal feed industry, while serving as an extension of our suppliers to the marketplace.

Our commitment

The name “Kanbo” means “healthy treasures”. We want to be known in the industry for high quality sucralose, outstanding service and reliability. The Kanbo commitment can help your company create the healthy, delicious products your customers will treasure.

Unique Process

Our sucralose offers that deliciously sweet taste that sucralose is known for and our new technology makes it even better. Using our Improved Crystal Form (ICF) method, Kanbo Sucralose is both high in purity and consistent in quality and appearance.

Our Products

Kanbo sucralose supplier Carton-25Kg


  • Dimension:37cm*37cm*38cm
  • Material:paperpulp
  • Thickness:3-4mm

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Kanbo sucralose sweetener Carton-10kg


  • Dimension:26cm*26cm*29cm
  • Material:paperpulp
  • Thickness:3-4mm

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Kanbo Sucralose Supplier of India 1 KG Pack

1 KG pack Front

  • Product Name: Sucralose
  • Packing:1KG/Bag
  • Shelf life:24 Months

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Kanbo Sucralose
Sweet Delicious Taste and So Much More! Put the Kanbo Sucralose Advantage to Work for You